Summer 2013 is Growing Well

After a slow and wet start, this gardening season is well under way. We have many returning gardeners and some new faces in the garden, and it has been great seeing people out watering, harvesting and weeding.

There have been more than our share of weeds.  Last Saturday some brave souls met to attempt to clear some of them from the fallow plots and pathways.

My intention is to blog weekly, and upload photos as a kind of visual garden journal.  If any other members would like to submit an entry, please email it to:  gageparkgarden[at]hotmail[dot]com  and I will upload it.

My name is Lois and I am 2nd year gardener at Gage Park Community Garden. I came to the garden because of a shady, tiny back yard with aggressive squirrels. So far they haven’t followed me to the park.

Some photos from Canada Day:

Summer 2013 001

Summer 2013 002

Summer 2013 003

Summer 2013 004

Summer 2013 005

Summer 2013 006

Summer 2013 007

Summer 2013 010

Summer 2013 013


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