First Members Potluck of the 2018 Season!!

What a beautiful night for a potluck!

On Thursday June 14th, 2018 we had our first Potluck for our members of the 2018 season, it was a fun time!! Our members brought some amazing food and they were able to paint a personal sign for their plots, great fun! For any members who were unable to attend, there are extra cedar shingles in the shed if anyone wants to take one home to paint it up for thier plot!

Thanks to everyone who came out last night to our first one. It was so lovely to sit, eat, share, laugh… and do a bit of work on the compost with you all!

Our educational component was teaching new and old members alike about our compost setup, how to use it, what to feed it, and what not to feed it and how it needs to be cared for.

A note about the compost: we now have signs to make it very easy to use, add to, and to manage. Please take a minute to read them next time you’re at the garden.  Thanks Amy Lou Taylor for making these! We did get rid of a lot of large stalks from the fall cleanup so we will all try to remember to break these down into 4” pieces this year.

It was really such a joy to pot luck with you all! A few photos are below … lacking in the food photos, it was so delicious most was gone before Laura (one of our Potluck coordinators) thought of it! A good sign I’d say.

Next pot luck for garden members is July 12th! Stay tuned for updates.



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